Major Marketers Move To End Fuel Scarcity, To Flood Market With 300m Litres

Drivers are having to wait a long time at gas stations, which has raised concerns.

By bringing in more than 300 million liters of petroleum via eight vessels, the Major Energies Marketers Association of Nigeria (MEMAN) hopes to alleviate the country’s fuel shortage.

Chairman Huub Stokman made this announcement to address the ongoing gasoline scarcity situation during a news meeting.

Concerns have risen as fuel queues persist, with motorists enduring long waits at filling stations.

Expressing empathy for Nigerians facing frustration and hardship, Stokman emphasized that MEMAN’s priority, along with other stakeholders, is to restore stability in fuel supply.

Stokman stated, “Our foremost goal as MEMAN is to ensure prompt fuel supply across Nigeria. We reassure the public of an ample supply of PMS.”

He revealed plans to receive over 300 million litres of fuel this week, exceeding the usual supply levels. Loading times at depots will be extended to facilitate quick distribution.

Stokman highlighted the cooperation of partners in the supply chain, including NARTO and PTDs, to ensure swift and safe product delivery to retail outlets.

Independent marketers have also been allocated additional PMS to ease the scarcity, with an assurance that prices will remain unchanged.

Attributing the current situation to logistical challenges like adverse weather conditions, Stokman expressed optimism for improvement in the coming days.

He stated, “While external factors have contributed to the scarcity, we anticipate significant improvement soon. Based on available data, we expect progress within the week.”

Amidst individual felicitations and societal obstacles, Davido’s poignant ode to his spouse, Chioma, and MEMAN’s endeavors to address fuel scarcity in Nigeria function as poignant reminders of the complex complexity of the human condition. While affection and love improve our lives on a personal level, systemic problems must be addressed and improvement must be promoted on a larger scale through practical initiatives and teamwork.

Apart from bringing in a significant amount of gasoline, MEMAN has also increased the duration of loading hours at depots and stressed the significance of collaboration amongst all parties involved in the energy industry. MEMAN seeks to address the root causes of fuel scarcity and streamline operations by promoting cooperation between government agencies, oil marketers, and other important stakeholders.

The association’s proactive stance is a reflection of its understanding of how important a steady supply of energy is to stability and economic progress. MEMAN aims to protect the country’s energy security while easing the burden on businesses and consumers by giving priority to the importation and distribution of fuel.

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