Snoop Dogg announces he's quitting smoking

Snoop Dogg Announces He's Quit Smoking Weed

Popular American rapper Snoop Dogg has caused buzz on the internet after he shared his decision to stop smoking weed.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., has long been synonymous with the cannabis lifestyle. His unabashed celebration of marijuana has been a defining aspect of his public persona, from his lyrics to his public appearances. However, the rapper recently took to social media to share a personal revelation with his fans.

The rapper is quite notorious for smoking extraordinary amounts of weed and was awarded the Clio Cannabis Awards’ Lifetime Achievement distinction in 2020.

“I’m giving up on smoking,” Snoop Dogg declared in a post that garnered immediate attention. The unexpected nature of the announcement left fans and followers curious about the motivations behind such a drastic shift in behavior, especially considering Snoop’s lifetime achievement distinction at the 2020 Clio Cannabis Awards, which celebrated his contributions to cannabis culture.

Snoop Dogg’s association with cannabis has been nothing short of legendary. His advocacy for marijuana legalization and his entrepreneurial ventures in the cannabis industry have solidified his status as an influential figure in the world of weed. From launching his own cannabis product line to participating in various cannabis-related events, Snoop has been a vocal supporter of the plant’s medicinal and recreational uses.

The announcement to quit smoking weed marks a significant departure from the rapper’s well-established image. Fans, who have come to expect Snoop Dogg with a joint in hand, are left wondering about the factors that led to this surprising decision and what it means for the artist’s future endeavors.

While Snoop Dogg did not delve into the specifics of why he’s decided to give up smoking weed, health considerations are a likely factor in this decision. As marijuana use becomes more mainstream, conversations about its potential health effects have gained prominence. Snoop Dogg, like anyone else, may be prioritizing his well-being and considering the impact of long-term cannabis use on his health.

The rapper is not alone in this shift. As societal attitudes toward marijuana evolve, some individuals who have been enthusiastic advocates for its use are reevaluating their relationship with the plant. This trend reflects a broader conversation about the intersection of lifestyle choices, health, and personal growth.

Snoop Dogg has an undeniable impact on the world of weed and even has several brands to support his addiction to the plant-based relaxant.

However, it seems weed is no longer serving him, and he has finally made the decision to quit the habit.

He put out a statement today, explaining that he had reached a decision to stop smoking following a conversation with his family members.

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