Melaye urged voters to oppose and demonstrate If INEC representatives refuse to show the unadulterated result sheets

Melaye urged voters to oppose and demonstrate If INEC representatives refuse to show the unadulterated result sheets

The political landscape of Kogi State has been thrust into the spotlight as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Dino Melaye, sounds an alarm about the alleged absence of voting activities in Ogori Mangogo. Melaye, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, has raised concerns over the apparent lack of democratic processes in a key region of Kogi State, casting a shadow over the integrity of the ongoing elections.

Ogori Mangogo, a crucial constituency in Kogi State, has become a focal point of contention as Dino Melaye, a vocal advocate for transparency and fairness in the electoral process, claims that voting is not taking place in the region. The allegations suggest a potential breach of the democratic principles that underpin the electoral system, prompting a closer examination of the circumstances surrounding this alarming revelation.

As the PDP’s gubernatorial candidate, Dino Melaye is no stranger to controversy. Known for his outspoken nature, Melaye has taken to various platforms to express his concerns about the alleged voting irregularities in Ogori Mangogo. According to Melaye, the absence of voting activities raises serious questions about the fairness and credibility of the entire electoral process in Kogi State.

Melaye argues that the fundamental right of the citizens in Ogori Mangogo to participate in the democratic process is being compromised. He asserts that the lack of voting in this key constituency not only disenfranchises the residents but also undermines the very essence of democracy.

Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission said two million registered voters are expected to vote in Kogi’s Saturday off-cycle governorship election
Earlier, the Independent National Electoral Commission officials who were assigned to different voting places throughout Lokoja were stuck at the Ajayi Crowther Memorial School.
Ogori Mangogo, Kogi State, is purportedly not holding voting, according to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate Dino Melaye.

Dino accused Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials of withholding clean result sheets from PDP agents in a post on the microblogging site (X).

In case INEC officials declined to display the unaltered result sheets, he urged voters to oppose and demonstrate.

Dino wrote, “Vote not going on in ogori mangogo bc inec staff refuse to show our agents clean result sheets. If they refuse to show you untampered result sheets, resist and protest.”

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