Kizz Daniel and Tekno Lock Horns Over ‘Buga’ Royalties

After Tekno made controversial remarks about the financial arrangements of their partnership on "Buga," Kizz Daniel responded with a biting retort.

Nigerian music sensations Tekno and Kizz Daniel have found themselves embroiled in a fiery dispute over royalty payments stemming from their collaboration on hit single, “Buga.” .

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tekno vehemently denied rumors claiming he received over one billion naira in royalties from Kizz Daniel.

Dismissing the report, Tekno asserted that Kizz Daniel’s ownership stake was nowhere near that figure.

Kizz Daniel retaliated angrily to Tekno’s denial, accusing him of loudly talking foolishly about money matters and forcefully asserting that he was the one who, with the success of “Buga,” ultimately saved Tekno’s career.

In his words:

“😂 Dem mention money you sef dey talk… spewing shit like anus 🤣🤣 see ekuke way we rescue with BUGA !! 🤣🤣🤣 Oloribu omo ale”


In a fiery comeback delivered through the X platform, Tekno didn’t hold back as he ridiculed Kizz Daniel for shamelessly chasing online clout.

The taunts were accompanied by unequivocal threats directed at the ‘Twe Twe’ hitmaker, serving as a stark warning against daring to underestimate or engage in any frivolous antics with him.

His words: “Hope you are trending now fool! Careful o, breeze blow foul nyash Dey Open, I’m not the one to be played with. Before I Kattwilliams yours Ass #insecurenarcissist”


This comes after Wizkid, who took potshots at Davido and Michael Ajereh, better known as Don Jazzy, the boss of Mavin Records, on Monday, lit the microblogging site on fire. Wizkid’s contentious post has caused him to become popular on X. On the Nigerian X trends, he is ranked fourth.

Ultimately, the resolution of the dispute between Kizz Daniel and Tekno remains uncertain. Will they bury the hatchet and find a compromise that satisfies both parties, or will their feud continue to simmer, fueling speculation and gossip? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the drama surrounding “Buga” has captured the attention of the Nigerian music scene and beyond, reminding us that even in the world of glitz and glamour, the pursuit of fairness and justice remains paramount.

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