IPOB leader, Ekpa sabotaging our efforts in southeast

Chief of Defence Staff Addresses Simon Ekpa's Alleged Sabotage in the Southeast

Gen. Musa alleged Finland’s protection of Ekpa, suggesting the Nigerian government should engage Finland and possibly invite its ambassador to Nigeria.The Defense Chief, along with other Service Chiefs and the Inspector General of Police, appeared before the House of Representatives during its sectoral debate.
General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Staff, stated on Tuesday, November 21, that the southeast of the country was suffering greatly as a result of the actions of Simon Ekpa, a prominent figure in the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who is presently in hiding in Finland.

Simon Ekpa, a prominent figure in the Southeast, has allegedly been undermining efforts in the region, as claimed by the Chief of Defense Staff. The nature of this sabotage and the specific actions attributed to Ekpa were not explicitly detailed during the sectoral debate. However, the gravity of the accusations indicates a matter of national concern.

General Musa also brought attention to the alleged protection Ekpa receives from Finland. This adds a layer of complexity to the situation, suggesting that the Nigerian government may need to engage with Finland diplomatically to address the issue. The possibility of inviting the Finnish ambassador to Nigeria for discussions was hinted at, hinting at the diplomatic avenues the government is considering.

Simon Ekpa, known for his vocal stance on issues related to the Southeast, particularly the agitation for self-determination, has gained a significant following. His role in the region’s dynamics is multifaceted, ranging from advocacy for the rights of the people to calls for secession. Understanding his influence is crucial to comprehending the implications of the Chief of Defense Staff’s allegations.

The appearance of the Defense Chief, along with other Service Chiefs and the Inspector General of Police, in a sectoral debate underscores the significance of the matter. This public platform provides an opportunity for transparency and accountability, allowing elected representatives and the public to gain insights into security-related issues affecting the nation.

Allegations of sabotage in the Southeast have broader implications for national security. The region has witnessed increased tensions and security challenges in recent times, and any factor exacerbating these issues demands careful scrutiny. The Defence Chief’s decision to bring these concerns to the attention of the House of Representatives reflects a commitment to addressing challenges openly and collaboratively.

Gen. Musa stated that the government needed to communicate with the Finnish government and perhaps extend an invitation to its ambassador to Nigeria, alleging that Finland was providing Ekpa with protection.

When the Inspector General of Police, together with other service chiefs, appeared before the House of Representatives to begin its sectoral debate, the Chief of Defense was leading the speech.

He claimed that despite the nation’s military and other security services’ best efforts, Ekpa’s remarks and actions are undermining efforts to maintain peace in the southeast.

In addition, he revealed that around 140,000 terrorists have turned themselves in and are awaiting disarmament, and that Boko Haram insurgents do not now control any one area.

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