Assassination of PDP Ward Chairman in Imo Sends Shockwaves

Gunmen have murdered Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu, the chairman of Peoples Democratic Party In Imo

Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu, the ward chairman of the Ife/Akpodim/Chokoneze Ward in the Ezinihitte Mbaise council area and Imo state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was assassinated.

The incident was verified by Lancelot Obiaku, the party’s director of new media, to reporters in Owerri on Friday.

Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu’s untimely demise unfolded as a grim episode in the heart of Ezinihitte Mbaise, leaving the PDP community in shock and mourning. The assailants targeted the dedicated ward chairman, unleashing violence that claimed a valuable life within the political sphere of Imo state. The circumstances surrounding the assassination remain under investigation, raising concerns about the safety of political figures in the region.

The assassination of Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu is not merely a personal tragedy but a significant blow to the PDP and the political landscape of Imo state. As a ward chairman, Anyanwu played a pivotal role in grassroots politics, acting as a bridge between the party and the local community. His untimely death leaves a void that extends beyond personal loss, impacting the party’s organizational structure and its ability to connect with constituents.

The incident also raises broader questions about the security of political figures in Imo State. The safety of individuals actively involved in the democratic process is paramount to the integrity of the political system. The PDP, along with other political entities, must now grapple with the challenges of ensuring the security of its members while maintaining a commitment to democratic principles.

His killers were said to have ensured that he was dead before they fled the scene.
The Director General of the New Media of the PDP in the state, Lancelot Obiaku, confirmed the killing.

Obiaku said, “It is true that the incident happened.” However, he did not comment further on the circumstances surrounding the murder of the PDP ward chairman. It was reported that the ugly development happened last Thursday.

But as of the time of filing this report, eyewitnesses said, “He was killed in the presence of his wife. The assailants were two in number and rode on a motorcycle. On arrival, they met his wife and asked her for her husband. As soon as they sighted and identified him, they fired several shots at him and left only when they confirmed he had taken his last breath.

“The Ward Chairman’s murder has shaken both the PDP family and his community to their very foundation. On the heels of the technical knockout the party suffered in the November 11, 2023, governorship election in the state, his murder couldn’t have been more depressing.

“However, an unnamed party woman has recently threatened to harm him. Since the last governorship election in Imo,”

At the time of filing this report, the State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Henry Okoye, had yet to respond to an inquiry on the matter.

The assassination of Smith Chiedoziem Anyanwu is a deeply distressing event that reverberates through the political corridors of Imo State. The PDP, the wider political community, and citizens at large must come together to condemn violence and advocate for a safer political environment. As investigations unfold, the pursuit of justice becomes a collective responsibility, reinforcing the commitment to democracy, security, and the protection of those who dedicate themselves to the service of their communities.




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