Junior Pope’s Family Turns to Spiritual Intervention in Quest for Answers To Find Killers (VIDEO)

According to reports, the late movie star's family in Nsukka chose spiritual intervention as a means of grieving his passing and is actively investigating his attackers.

The sad passing of Nollywood actor John Paul Obumneme Odonwodo, also referred to as Jnr Pope, has ushered in a new era, driven by his Nsukka family. According to sources, the late movie star’s grieving family has decided to follow a spiritual route in order to find the people responsible for his tragic death. Tragic events occurred on April 10, 2024, when Jnr. Pope and four friends perished in a terrifying boat capsizing catastrophe while returning from the area where Adanma Luke was filmed.

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A lot of people were speculating about the deaths, especially the one of Junior Pope, implying foul play and purposeful targeting. This greatly unnerved his mother, leading her to believe that he might have been killed on purpose. Nevertheless, a recent TikTok video uploaded by Akusinachi purported that a charm known as “Isi Atu” was allegedly positioned at the late John Paul II’s rural residence with the intention of revealing the identities of those connected to his demise. It was reiterated in the video that Jnr. Pope’s family in Nsukka was actively looking for answers and would not accept the circumstances surrounding the actor’s passing.

In his words:

“This thing wey una dey see for this video, for the Igbo language dem dey call am ‘Isi Atu’ that is to tell you say if your hand dey for the death of Jnr Pope, their people no go gree, we be Nsukka people, anybody wey hin hand dey there, if you follow plan make him die, we no go gree, him people no go gree. This place na him place for village, Nsukka people no go gree, we no go gree.”


The mysteries surrounding Junior Pope’s death and the human spirit and unwavering perseverance in the face of misfortune are confronted by his family as they set out on their spiritual journey. They draw from the rich tapestry of cultural history and belief systems that have supported them over generations in their pursuit of justice. And despite the unknown journey ahead, they walk it with unrelenting tenacity, driven by the unwavering bonds of love and the flickering spark of hope. One thing is certain in the developing story of Junior Pope’s passing: his legacy will live on in the memories of those who knew and loved him as well as in the annals of Nollywood.

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