Japa: 72, 000 Registered Doctors Failed To Renew Practice License – MDCN

Only 58,000 licenses have been renewed, according to the MDCN, underscoring the fact that this trend will put a strain on healthcare services and overburden the few staff members that are available.

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria has expressed concern over the detrimental impact of medical practitioners emigrating abroad in search of better opportunities, revealing that 72,000 out of 130,000 registered doctors failed to renew their practice licenses in 2023.

The MDCN highlighted that only a meager 58,000 have renewed their licenses, emphasizing that such a trend will not only strain healthcare services but also overwhelm the limited available personnel.

Dr. Fatima Kyari, the Registrar of the body, conveyed these sentiments on Friday during the induction and oath-taking ceremony of 20 newly qualified doctors at the Edo State University, Uzairue.

“The council has so far registered 130,000 medical doctors to practice in Nigeria since its inception 61 years ago and the council is mandated to regulate the practice of medicine, dental, and alternative medicine in Nigeria.

“But only 58,000 doctors have renewed their annual practising license in the year 2023 following the increase in migration of doctors outside the country,

“However, the doctors must meet the requirements to earn those increases in quota. We will partner with them to ensure that they meet those requirements, and as we try to ensure that, standards must be upheld,” he added.

Kyari, who was represented by the Deputy Registrar Dr Victor Kolawole, noted that the induction of the 20 newly qualified doctors would add to the existing workforce in the health sector which is being depleted by the day.

She, however, admonished the inductees to uphold the ethics of the profession, warning that the council is mandated to regulate the activities of the practitioners as well as punish offenders.

The institution’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Emmanuel Aluyor, while speaking, explained that the upgrade of the Central Hospital, Auchi to a teaching hospital has enhanced facilities for the training of the medical students and uplifting the standard of healthcare services in Edo North and its environs.

While commended Governor Godwin Obaseki for his unwavering support for the university, he enjoined the inductees to uphold the ethics of the profession, saying he is confident that they would bring honour to the institution and MDCN.

“I urge the state government to sustain efforts towards improving facilities at Edo State University Teaching Hospital, Auchi.”

However, the acting Provost, of the College of Medical Sciences, Dr Kenneth Atoe, said 20 medical graduates from the college are the second batch of Batch B inductees.

He advised the newly qualified medical graduates to uphold the ethical standards of a medical professional, saying, “You must internalise the values of honesty, integrity, and selflessness.

“These virtues are not only essential for building strong doctor-patient relationships but are also integral to upholding the ethical standards and trustworthiness expected of a medical professional.

“By embodying these values, doctors not only fulfil their professional obligations but also contribute to the maintenance of public trust in the medical profession.”

The exodus of medical practitioners from Nigeria poses a significant challenge to the country’s healthcare system and public health outcomes. However, with strategic interventions, targeted investments, and collaborative efforts, Nigeria can reverse the tide of medical emigration and build a healthcare workforce that is capable, motivated, and committed to serving the needs of its population. By addressing the root causes of the brain drain and implementing retention strategies and incentives, Nigeria can secure a brighter future for its healthcare system and improve health outcomes for all its citizens.


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