Labour Party's Call for Review of Electricity Tariff Increase

The Labour party in Lagos has urged the federal government to review the “astronomical” hike in the tariff payable by some electricity consumers in the country.

In an interview with NAN, Olubunmi Odesanya, publicity secretary of the party in Lagos, said that the hike was unreasonable, adding that Nigerians were already experiencing economic hardship.

On April 3, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) approved a tariff increase for Band A customers.

Customers on B and A are those who receive 20 to 24 hours of power supply in the country.

The LP’s call for the federal government to review this tariff hike reflects the growing discontent among citizens who feel the pinch of these increased costs. At the heart of the matter lies the question of affordability and fairness. Many argue that such drastic increases disproportionately affect low and middle-income households, placing an undue burden on already strained budgets. For these individuals and families, higher electricity bills mean making difficult choices between basic necessities and essential services, further exacerbating the socio-economic inequalities prevalent in the country.

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On April 5, Adebayo Adelabu, minister of power, explained that only 1.5 million customers — out of 12 million — were affected by the electricity tariff hike

“On a daily basis, Nigerians are bearing the brunt. This is simply not working. A good number of Nigerians are suffering, she said.

“Nigerians are currently facing hardship .The government should know that people are at the heart of every government.

“This astronomical increase in electricity tariffs should be reconsidered.”

Odesanya said that the hike has an adverse effect on the economy and not only electricity consumers.

She stated that if the government had reason to hike the tariff, it shouldn’t have exceeded 25%.

However, the publicity secretary called on the government for an increase in the minimum wage, adding that it should consider alternatives to removing subsidies.

In light of these considerations, the federal government faces a critical decision regarding the future direction of electricity tariff policy in Nigeria. While the need for revenue generation and sectoral reform cannot be understated, it is imperative that such initiatives prioritize the interests of consumers and foster inclusive growth. The LP’s advocacy for a review of the tariff hike underscores the importance of public engagement and participatory decision-making processes in shaping energy policy that serves the collective welfare of all Nigerians.

The recent electricity tariff hike announced by the NERC has reignited debates surrounding affordability, accessibility, and fairness in Nigeria’s power sector. The call by the Labour Party in Lagos for the federal government to reassess this tariff increase reflects broader concerns about the socio-economic impact of such policies on ordinary citizens and businesses. As Nigeria navigates the complex challenges facing its energy sector, it is crucial that policymakers prioritize the principles of equity, transparency, and sustainability to ensure a brighter and more inclusive energy future for all.

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