Sheila Courage Responds to Israel DMW's Allegations of Abuse and Ungratefulness

Sheila Courage accuses him of abuse, claims Israel DMW be held responsible if anything happens to her

Isreal DMW’s estranged wife has knocked him for telling blatant lies against her while accusing him of abusing her.

Sheila Courage has reacted to her estranged husband’s claims of being a gold digger and ungrateful partner.
She debunked the claims while revealing her family isn’t poor. She insisted on calling out Israel for not wanting to grow.
Sheila accused Israel DMW of abusing her physically and emotionally in their marriage.

It’s not news that Israel took to social media to reveal what transpired between them and led to their marriage crash just a few months after their wedding.

Isreal who is Grammy nominee, Davido’s aide dragged his estranged wife and her family for being gold diggers. He claimed to have been responsible for her expensive lifestyle and stated that Sheila insults him for being his boss, Davido’s ‘slave’.

Reacting to the allegations by Isreal, Sheila Courage took to her social media to debunk the claims. She started by apologizing for speaking out despite being advised not to.

Sheila claimed her family is comfortable and not poor in the sense that Isreal painted it. She revealed her siblings attend private schools, her parents run multiple businesses, and they aren’t golddiggers.

Hinting at her estranged husband being a wife beater, Sheila claimed Isreal DMW emotionally and physically abused her and locked her out of their home randomly for no reason.

According to her, she’s been accused of taking pills for not wanting to get pregnant, and while all she has wanted is for Israel to grow, he has tagged her as controlling.

Sheila Courage further called on the general public for Isreal to be held accountable if anything happens to her because he sent some people to harass and beat up his mom like he does to her.

See screenshots of her post below:

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