Iranian Rapper, Toomaj Salehi Sentenced To Death For Supporting Anti-Hijab Protests

Iran Sentences Rapper To Death For Supporting Anti-Hijab Protests After Death Of Woman Detained For Wearing ‘Improper’ Hijab.

Toomaj Salehi, an Iranian rapper, has been condemned to d3ath for endorsing protests against the compulsory hijab.

The rapper has been detained for over eighteen months due to his support for the series of protests ignited by the tragic passing of Mahsa Amini, who lost her life shortly after being apprehended for wearing a non-traditional hijab in 2022.

Salehi’s vocal support for the protests earned him the ire of the Iranian authorities. He was swiftly arrested and thrown into jail, where he languished for over a year and a half. Despite international outcry and calls for his release, Salehi’s fate took a grim turn when he was sentenced to death for his alleged crimes.

The Iranian Supreme Court’s review of Salehi’s case may have offered a glimmer of hope, as it issued a ruling to the lower court to address flaws in the sentence. However, the fact remains that Salehi’s life hangs in the balance, a chilling reminder of the lengths to which oppressive regimes will go to silence dissent.

His lawyer, Amir Raisian, disclosed that on Wednesday, Toomaj Salehi was sentenced to the capital punishment for the alleged offense of spreading corruption within the country by Branch 1 of Isfahan Revolutionary Court.

“Branch 1 of Isfahan Revolutionary Court… sentenced Toomaj Salehi to death on the charge of corruption on Earth” he said.

Salehi was taken into custody in October 2022 for vocally backing the protests against the mandatory hijab.

The accusations against Salehi by the Revolutionary Court included aiding in inciting rebellion, participating in unlawful gatherings, spreading anti-government propaganda, and encouraging riots.

Despite the Iranian Supreme Court’s examination of the case and its directive to the lower court to correct any errors in the judgment, the Revolutionary Court refused to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision.

Raisian confirmed that the rapper intends to challenge the sentence and lodge an appeal against the ruling.

In another news, Kanye West apologizes to Jewish community.

Recall that Kanye West lost his billionaire title in October 2022 after losing out on lucrative contracts with Adidas and Balenciaga.

He was also prohibited from using the X platform and Instagram after tweeting that he would “go death on 3 on Jewish people.”

However in a heartfelt statement released today, Tuesday 26,2023, the Grammy-winning artist acknowledged the insensitivity of his words and publicly expressed his remorse for any pain or offense caused.

The case of Toomaj Salehi should serve as a wake-up call to the international community about the plight of those living under repressive regimes. It is not enough to pay lip service to the ideals of freedom of speech and human rights; concrete action must be taken to hold governments accountable for their actions and to demand justice for those who have been silenced.

As Salehi awaits his fate, the world watches with bated breath, hoping for a miracle that will spare his life and send a message to the Iranian authorities that the suppression of dissent will not go unnoticed or unpunished. In the meantime, let us continue to raise our voices in solidarity with Toomaj Salehi and all those who dare to speak truth to power, knowing that the fight for freedom is far from over.

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