“I’m still a virgin” – Amid speculations of pregnancy, Alex Unusual is making waves online.

Alex Unusual surprises fans by claiming to be a virgin

With speculations of a pregnancy involving prominent comedian AY Makun circulating, reality TV actress Alex Unusual has caused controversy online by announcing that she is a virgin. The BBNaija actress posted a picture of herself with a drink on Snapchat with the remark, “This drink is a Virgin like me.” The picture has sparked a flurry of emotions from fans and followers. It was published amid rumors that she is romantically involved with AY Makun and may even be pregnant.

Amidst a whirlwind of incredulity and curiosity, some expressed admiration for her stance and applauded her for standing solid in her beliefs.

Alex Unusual’s assertion of her virginity flies in the face of recent allegations circulating on social media, which suggested that she was romantically involved with the popular comedian, AY Makun, and potentially expecting a child with him.

However, the reality star was quick to dispel these rumors, vehemently denying any affair with AY Makun and categorically refuting claims of pregnancy.

The conflicting narratives have left fans and observers divided, with some supporting Alex Unusual while others remain skeptical, questioning the truthfulness of her claims.

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Netizens Reactions…
@lordlouis4all said: “It’s possible”

@badgalmanilow said: “We plenty.. I’m proud! Never lose your dignity ✊🤘”

@oni_dare said: “I tot was Ayo babe and scatter the house 😂”

@gracefully_scribed wrote: “someone that tobi knacked live snd direct! That means all these her protestations of innocence in the reigning matter is also Lamba”

@positivebondship said: “There’s things that don’t bother me”

@laurelfabric said: “It’s possible,that girl is well trained, you all trolls want to stain her white”

@omotolaaa said: “Alex that said it on the show that she had an abortion 🙄”

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