Rema's Decision to Skip December Performances Sparks Concern Among Fans"

Rema won’t be performing anywhere this December due to personal reasons concerning his health

Rema, the Afrobeats sensation, has opted to cancel his slated performances for the remainder of 2023, redirecting his attention toward prioritizing his health.

The Mavin Records star has experienced a phenomenal year with many records under his belt, a run recently capped by a show-stopping headline performance at the O2 Arena on November 14.

Rema, in an official statement on his social media platform, revealed that he would not be performing in December 2023.
The singer to the dismay of his fans, shared this heartbreaking news in a post on his Instagram story today

The announcement of Rema’s decision not to perform in December struck a chord with fans who were eagerly anticipating catching him live on stage. In the post shared on his Instagram story, the singer expressed his regret, acknowledging the disappointment this news may cause among his supporters. However, he emphasized the importance of taking a step back to focus on his health and well-being.

While Rema did not go into explicit detail about the nature of his health concerns, the sincerity of his commitment to prioritizing health was palpable in his statement. The grueling demands of a successful music career, constant touring, and the pressures of the industry can undoubtedly take a toll on an artist’s physical and mental well-being. Rema’s decision to step back, even at the peak of his success, reflects a growing trend in the entertainment world where artists are recognizing the need for self-care.

Rema’s decision to prioritize health over professional commitments has sparked discussions within the music industry about the pressures placed on artists and the importance of mental and physical well-being. In an era where burnout and mental health struggles are increasingly acknowledged, Rema’s openness about his decision may serve as a catalyst for broader conversations about the expectations placed on artists and the need for a more sustainable approach to the music industry.

However, those anticipating a festive Detty December with Rema will need to wait until next year as he takes time to recover.

“Breaks my heart to say that I won’t be performing anywhere this December. (It’s) been years of touring (and) I’ve ignored my health. I need time to recuperate. 2024, we go again,” he posted on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.


Concerns about Rema’s health and his choice to take a break have been widely expressed by fans on social media.



Rema became the youngest artist to sell out the O2 Arena. However, conversations about the youngster’s spirituality and involvement with the underworld have been the bane of his recent feat.

In a post on his social media page, the young Afrobeat superstar addressed the insinuations about him hosting a demonic concert.

Rema reveals the title and inspiration behind the concept used at his O2 Arena concert. He noted that the headliner of his show was “Ravage Uprising.”

Following successful tours in Europe, Asia, and North America, Rema’s sudden announcement immediately impacts his homecoming tour of Abuja, Lagos and his native Benin in December.

The decision to cancel his shows follows the latest achievements of his Calm Down song making chart history on both Apple Music and Spotify.

The megahit finished 12th on the global top 100 most streamed songs on Apple Music in the past year, the highest entry ever for an African song on the chart.

Finishing in eighth position, the song is also the first by a Nigerian Afrobeats artist to feature on Spotify’s top 10 chart of most streamed tracks globally.

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