How I will like to die, Pastor Adeboye

The General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has revealed how he would like to die.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, says he would like to die without stress or sickness if rapture doesn’t take place soon.

Adeboye said this during day 3 of the church’s ongoing RCCG Holy Ghost Congress at the Redemption Camp
Adeboye recounted how an uncle passed away

During his address, Pastor Adeboye took the congregation on a poignant journey through personal experience. He recounted the loss of an uncle, emphasizing the inevitable truth that death is a universal phenomenon that touches every family. His narrative served as a backdrop for a deeper exploration of his own reflections on mortality and the ultimate destination of the human soul.

Pastor Adeboye’s message goes beyond a mere wish for a stress-free exit; it serves as a call to spiritual preparedness. The acknowledgment of life’s uncertainties prompts a reflection on the importance of being spiritually ready for the inevitable transition to the afterlife. This theme aligns with the core teachings of many religious doctrines, emphasizing the significance of leading a righteous and purposeful life in anticipation of the unknown.

Pastor Adeboye’s openness about his personal desires and reflections showcases a level of transparency not often seen in spiritual leaders. His willingness to share vulnerabilities and aspirations fosters a deeper connection with his congregation and extends an invitation for others to contemplate their own spiritual journeys. In a world often characterized by facades, Pastor Adeboye’s authenticity stands as a testament to the power of honesty and humility.

The desire for a stress-free departure also reflects the pervasive challenges of contemporary living. In a fast-paced world marked by constant connectivity and relentless demands, the longing for a serene exit without the burdens of stress or illness strikes a chord with many. Pastor Adeboye’s message becomes not only a spiritual reflection but also a poignant commentary on the struggles individuals face in balancing the demands of modern life with their spiritual aspirations.

Adeboye recounted how an uncle passed away, saying he was in the house following a church service when he danced and gave up the ghost without being sick.

His words: “I know somebody will say if we are never sick, how are we going to die and go to heaven? You don’t need to be sick to go to heaven.

“An uncle of mine woke up on a Thanksgiving Sunday, went to church, danced like everybody else, came home and his wife gave him a light breakfast before preparing the original food which was pounded yam. She was already pounding the yam when my uncle decided to go to the toilet.

“After she finished pounding, she knocked at the door of the toilet; when they opened the door, my uncle was gone; no sickness, no ache, no pain.

“If the Lord tarries His coming, I will go on a Sunday after a good meal of pounded yam.”

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