‘I Spend Large Percentage of My Earnings on Charity’ – Burna Boy

I spend a large percentage of my earnings helping the community but I'll never come online to say it"

Grammy-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy, real name Damini Ogulu, has shared some incredible information regarding his humanitarian endeavors. The budding musical sensation disclosed that a sizeable portion of his earnings are given to charitable causes during a recent Instagram live event. He states that he would prefer not to post it online.

Burna Boy made it clear that his excessive expenditures on jewels and fancy cars only make up a small portion of his income.

He said, “I spend a large percentage of my earnings helping the community, but I will never come online to say it.

“You might see me with all these diamonds and cars, but that is literally the least of my earnings.”

Burna Boy discusses why he is not ready to start a family in a different story. The 32-year-old musical prodigy candidly disclosed that he is purposefully delaying parenthood because he fears he would not be able to provide his future children with the whole attention they deserve during a boisterous Instagram live session with his followers.

The “Ye” hitmaker further elaborated that he envisions himself embracing fatherhood when he feels more settled or finds himself in a committed marital union.

He said, “Why haven’t I had kids yet? Bro, because I don’t want to have kids yet.

“Have you seen my mum the way she loves me? Have you seen my dad the way he loves me?I know I can’t give that to anyone right now with the life I’m living. So until I’m settled and I can be there for my children everyday, I’m not having no kid.

“I feel like my kids deserved better than I got. And I got both my mum and dad so you understand?”

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