Linda Ikeji's Yearning for More Blessings, A Glimpse into Her Desire for Two More Children

Linda Ikeji reveals that she would like to have two more kids.

Renowned media mogul Linda Ikeji opens up about her desire to have two more children.
Sharing a photo of her and her son on Instagram, the blogger announced her burning desire to birth more kids.
In a recent social media post, 43-year-old billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji expressed her desire for two additional children.

This disclosure came through a post on her verified Instagram page on December 9th, 2023.

Linda Ikeji, a mother of one, welcomed her only child, Jayce, on September 17th, 2018, with oil magnate Sholaye Jeremi.

The blogger’s relationship with Sholaye Jeremi, initiated in December 2015, hit the rock in 2018.

Linda Ikeji has been an influential figure in the media industry, but she has also gracefully embraced the role of a loving mother. Her journey into motherhood began with the birth of her first child, a son, whom she has lovingly shared glimpses of on her social media platforms.

The disclosure of her desire for two more children reflects not only her commitment to family but also her genuine love for the unique joys that motherhood brings. It’s a testament to the fact that, despite her towering success in the business world, Linda holds her role as a mother in the highest regard.

As a successful entrepreneur and blogger, Linda Ikeji has undoubtedly faced the challenge of balancing her demanding career with the responsibilities of motherhood. Her openness about her desire for more children sheds light on the intricate dance many women perform between their professional aspirations and their dreams of a growing family.

This revelation also serves as an inspiration to mothers around the world, showing that it’s possible to dream big in both career and family life. Linda’s determination to pursue her goals, both personally and professionally, resonates with many who strive for a harmonious blend of success in all aspects of life.

Linda Ikeji, announcing the birth of Jayce when he was just three months old in 2018, had stated:

“Meet my son Jayce! And yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad. Unfortunately, he and I are a completely closed chapter.”

That being said, in a recent Instagram post, Linda Ikeji shared a photo of herself and her now 5-year-old son Jayce, proudly identifying as a “Mummy of one” and expressing her yearning for “two more babies”

She wrote:

“Mummy of one! 🤩 I need two more babies!😩 Kai!”

See the post below:

The disclosure triggered a lot of comments from netizens who speedily penned remarks.

@konyevsky wrote: “U no what to do my dear, take that 2 hours drive and fall pregnant twice🙌.”

@itslisabassey wrote: “Chai , this boy don big finish like this…”

@blossom.chiamaka wrote: “You really need , but try and marry, don’t get them outside wedlock.”

@jackmanobt wrote: “Baby not looking like rich kid.”

@tsg_world wrote: “God will lead you right. Sometimes is not that you don’t meet people but you want the best for you and your son and his peace is paramount to you. Trust God through the process. It might take time but God is faithful to his word. Praying along side you linda 🙏🏽.”

@curtis.empire_jewelries wrote: “Cute 🥰 people.. but you need to tutor Bobo Jay on how to smile 😊 and be cheerful 😄.”

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