Haters Are Losers And Can Never Do Better Than The People They Hate – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie delivers his critics a powerful message.

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has emphasized that haters must give up their negative energy, else they will remain perpetual underachievers.

He stated that no matter how strong a hater toils, their efforts pale in comparison to the very individuals they harbor resentment toward.

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Yul Edochie goes on to advocate for love, wishing that everyone would wholeheartedly focus on their own journey.

According to him, doing so will make personal development inevitable rather than merely possible.

In his words:

“stop hating, haters are losers, they don’t progress much and no matter how much they hustle, they never do better than the people they hate. Choose love, wish everybody well and focus on your lane, it will help you grow. Happy new week ladies and gentlemen”.

In a different tale, Yul Edochie threatens people who criticize his way of life and tells them what will happen. This post was made just hours after Uche Maduagwu, a fellow actor, revealed a private conversation he had with Yul’s first wife, May Yul-Edochie, in an open letter to the former. Following the actor’s announcement that he had taken a second wife, actress Judy Austin, after they had a kid together, many Nigerians expressed their disapproval. Yul told individuals who are dissatisfied with his lifestyle that it is none of their business in a post that was posted on his Instagram page this morning. Yul did not name any names. He added, “Death shall be their portion likewise, for those who want for the death of his family.”

In his words:

“Just seeing someone happy makes a lot of people angry. Very angry oo.

Some people are even wishing my family death.

I don’t understand, See, me I no dey for ‘God heal my haters’.

If you love me may triple love & blessings follow you, if you pray for my downfall may downfall consume you.

If my lifestyle wey no concern you dey pain you, make e pain you well well.

If you wish my family death, death shall be your portion.

You wish me well it shall be well with you 10 times over.


Edochie’s attitude and the idea of “focused on your lane” are very similar. People can carve out their own paths to success by remaining loyal to themselves and pursuing their passions with integrity and determination. Making comparisons with other people simply leads to dissatisfaction and diverts attention from one’s own path. In the end, Edochie’s message goes beyond amusement and imparts insightful life lessons to individuals from all backgrounds. Selecting love over hatred is a guiding concept that can result in more happiness and fulfillment, whether one is pursuing a career in the arts or navigating the challenges of daily life.

In a world that is frequently full of criticism and negativity, Yul Edochie’s comments serve as a welcome reminder of the value of optimism and self-love. People can realize their full potential and build a better future for themselves and everyone around them by embracing love and letting go of hate. “Haters never do better than the people they detest,” as Edochie so eloquently states. It is a strong message that speaks to everyone who wants to lead a life that has meaning and purpose.



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