Gunmen Attacks Hospital, Kidnap 4 New Born Babies.

Some Gunmen have reportedly attacked a hospital, kidnap 4 newborn babies. The Gunmen attacked a hospital at Nkpologwu, Anambra State Nigeria.

The above incident was reported in a Facebook post by Oge Consoler Orabueze.

According to the report, “another set of the unknown Gunmen came again today in the early hours of Thursday 8th December 2022. They stormed Nkpologwu in Aguata Local government area of Anambra State, Nigeria.
They didn’t burn any vehicle nor attack any police station. They didn’t kidnap nor kill any security agencies in the checkpoints.
They visited Stanley’s hospital Nkpologwu and made away with four newly born babies. They also made away with Blood clothes of Women that bled after giving birth. What they’re doing with those babies and the Blood clothes, I don’t know. This seems to be Ritual.
But since they did this and went back freely, it will become a norm and it will occur again. Our dear land are now inhabiting sacrilegious attitudes, nothing is safe, even the innocent ones are affected”, the report said.


Many security threats have been happening recently in all the States in Nigeria, which one can’t really say the actual cause. Some believe that it might be due the upcoming general elections in the country while others are blaming the Federal government for the lack of prompt response from the security personnel in the country.

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