Gov Soludo Denies Being Aware Of U.S. Embassy Officials’ Humanitarian Mission In Anambra

I am not aware of U.S. Embassy officials’ humanitarian mission in Anambra says Gov Soludo.

The Anambra State Governor, Gov. Soludo in a statement signed by his press secretary, Mr Christian Aburime denied being aware of the U.S. Embassy officials’ humanitarian mission in Anambra while expressing sadness over the attack on them by unknown killers.

This is coming after the U.S. Embassy officials’ humanitarian mission in Anambra State convoy were attacked on Atani-Osamala Road, Ogbaru Local Government Area, leaving two Staff and policemen dead. This ugly incident happened on the 16th of May, 2023.

According to the statement by the press secretary to the Anambra State Governor, Mr. Soludo expressed that during his administration’s diligent efforts in the past year, in collaboration with the courageous security forces, significant progress has been made in combating criminal activities and reestablishing law and order. He confidently stated that Anambra currently stands as one of the safest states in Nigeria.

Mr. Soludo further pointed out that the visiting team, by making their own security arrangements, completely disregarded the existing security framework in the state. The state government was unaware of the true purpose of the visiting team’s “humanitarian mission.”

He emphasized that in areas like parts of Ogbaru, where security forces have been actively combating criminal gangs and oil bunkering, the presence of only a few policemen could inadvertently provoke retaliation from these criminal elements.

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Mr. Soludo pledged that the Anambra government would actively collaborate with security agencies to identify and apprehend the criminals, ensuring that they face the full force of the law.
According to the statement, “Just two weeks ago, the dreaded and notorious leader of a criminal gang, known to operate primarily in a neighboring state, was eliminated along with four of his associates. This operation not only led to the recovery of a large cache of deadly weapons but also sent a powerful message to criminals, who are now either on the run or feeling the pressure of our unwavering zero-tolerance approach to criminality”.
“We urge anyone who possesses information about the identity or whereabouts of these criminals to come forward and share it through our secure security phone numbers or with any of the relevant security agencies. Informants will be generously rewarded. We want to assure our residents and visitors that our commitment to maintaining law and order remains steadfast. This incident has further strengthened our resolve to combat crime”, the statement added.
The government of Anambra extended its heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims. They also reiterated their unwavering dedication to the safety and security of officials from the United States Embassy in Nigeria within their state.

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