FIFA Approves 30 Nigerian Referees for 2024 Competitions

The approved list comprises 11 referees, 11 assistant referees, four beach soccer referees, and four futsal referees

FIFA, the world football governing body, has granted approval to a total of 30 Nigerian referees for inclusion in the international lists for the year 2024. These referees will be assigned to officiate in various competitions, including age-grade tournaments, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, as well as futsal and beach football events.

FIFA has approved 30 Nigerian referees for international duty in 2024, including officials for FIFA Women’s World Cup, futsal, and beach soccer
The list comprises 11 referees, 11 assistant referees, four beach soccer referees, and four futsal referees, offering diverse representation

The approved list comprises 11 referees, 11 assistant referees, four beach soccer referees, and four futsal referees.

The approval of 30 Nigerian referees for international duty is a testament to the continuous improvement and professionalism demonstrated by the country’s football officials. It not only reflects positively on the individuals selected but also contributes to the overall enhancement of Nigeria’s football infrastructure. The exposure gained from officiating in international competitions will undoubtedly have a cascading effect on the quality of football officiating within the country.

The inclusion of referees for the FIFA Women’s World Cup is a step forward in promoting gender equality in football officiating. It signifies FIFA’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for male and female referees to excel on the global stage. This recognition also serves as an inspiration for aspiring female referees in Nigeria, encouraging them to pursue their passion for officiating at the highest level.

While this approval is undoubtedly a cause for celebration, it also brings forth challenges and responsibilities for the Nigerian referees. Officiating at the international level requires a high level of professionalism, adaptability, and adherence to the highest standards of fair play. The referees must use this opportunity to not only showcase their skills but also to learn and grow through the unique challenges presented by diverse competitions.

Among the 11 referees approved for international duty in 2024 are: Basheer Salisu, Ogabor Odey Joseph, Olufunmilayo Abigael Alaba, Nurudeen Abubakar, Abdulsalam Kasimu Abiola, Elaigwe Hannah Enekole, Akintoye Yemisi Eunice, Egba Patrick John, Madu Ndidi Patience, Mustapha Grema Mohammed, and Abdullahi Abubakar.

The 11 officials approved as assistant referees include: Pwadutakam Samuel, Igudia Efosa Celestine, Abibatu Iyadunni, Muhammad Yakubu, Mfon Friday Akpan, Digbori Tejiri, Usman Abdulmajeed Olaide, Igho Hope Ogenekewe, Terah Kabenda Beauty, Ahmad Mustapha Tijjani, and Agbons Faith.

Additionally, Ukah Ndubuisi Odigomma, Musa Dung Davou, Umuago Paul Akpome, and Bello Zuru Alhassan made the futsal soccer list, while Ogunmuyiwa Jelili, Fawole Olawale Adeolu, Olajide Olayinka, and Rabiu Ahmad were listed for beach soccer.

It’s worth noting that no Nigerian referee has officiated at the FIFA World Cup, and in the last decade, CAF has not considered any male Nigerian referee for the Africa Cup of Nations. Despite these challenges, the recent approval by FIFA provides an opportunity for Nigerian referees to showcase their skills and contribute to international football events.

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