Don’t pay for palliatives, Anambra tells residents

The Anambra State Government has issued a stern warning against soliciting money for the distribution of palliatives to residents in different communities within the state.

Paul Nwosu, the state’s commissioner of information, provided this information in a press release on Tuesday.
Nwosu advised communities not to solicit money from people by pretending to register them for palliative collection.

The government emphasized that the forthcoming palliative distribution is not a commercial activity, and anyone found involved in collecting money should be reported.

The Anambra State Government’s decision to provide free palliatives is rooted in its commitment to the welfare of its citizens. Recognizing the economic challenges faced by many residents, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state government has prioritized the distribution of essential supplies to alleviate the burden on families and individuals.

This information was conveyed through a press statement from the state’s Commissioner for Information, Paul Nwosu, on Tuesday.

Nwosu urged communities to refrain from seeking payment from individuals under the pretense of registering them for palliative collection.

The statement read, “The attention of the Anambra State Government has been drawn to the activities of some unscrupulous elements who are collecting money from people in our communities in the name of registering them for the collection of palliatives.

“The government wishes to make it clear that palliatives’ distribution, which will soon commence in Anambra State, is not for sale.

“While we condemn the activities of such mischievous individuals who take undue advantage of government policies to dupe people and make money, we urge the public or anyone who is approached to pay for such registration to refuse and immediately report the individual(s) or group(s) to law enforcement agents, the President-General of their community, or the Transition Committee Chairman of their local government.”

“Anybody caught collecting this illegal registration fee will have himself or herself to blame.”

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