Cross River Doctor's Disappearance Persists Five Months After Abduction

Five months after a professor of Neurology at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Dr Ekanem Philip-Ephraim, was kidnapped in Calabar, Cross River State, her whereabouts has remained unknown

Months after the abduction of Dr. Ekanem Philip-Ephraim, a neurology professor at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, her whereabouts remain unknown. Despite no concrete information from the state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association, the state police command remains hopeful about her release.

Dr. Ekanem Philip-Ephraim’s abduction sent shockwaves through the medical community and wider society. As a respected neurology professor, her expertise and contributions to healthcare make her a figure of significance. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance, however, have left more questions than answers. The timeline of events leading to her abduction and the identities of those responsible remain unknown, amplifying the distress surrounding this unresolved case.

Five months after the abduction, the lack of information regarding Dr. Philip-Ephraim’s whereabouts has cast a somber shadow over the medical community and the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. The uncertainty surrounding her fate underscores the vulnerability that even esteemed professionals in the medical field face, raising concerns about security measures for those contributing significantly to the healthcare sector.

Despite being a pillar of support for medical professionals, the state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association has been unable to provide substantive information regarding Dr. Philip-Ephraim’s disappearance. The association’s efforts to assist in resolving the matter have faced hurdles, leaving many to wonder about the challenges involved in navigating the complexities of such cases.

Contrary to the bleak atmosphere surrounding this case, the state police command remains hopeful about Dr. Philip-Ephraim’s eventual release. The commitment to her rescue is evident in the intensified efforts to locate her, with a particular focus on the riverine areas of the state where she was believed to have been taken. The police’s dedication to this cause offers a glimmer of hope in an otherwise grim situation.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Irene Ugbo, informed journalists that the command, alongside the Navy, has been actively searching for the doctor since her abduction on July 13 by individuals posing as patients.

Ugbo disclosed that efforts to locate and rescue her have been intensified, focusing on the riverine area of the state where she was believed to have been taken.

She said, “We are trying all we can to make sure she is released. We know that the terrain is a waterline area and a little bit difficult for us to patrol. Although we have marine police, we don’t have enough facilities for it.

“We are working with the Navy, and they are helping us to make sure that she is being rescued. So, what you will do for us is to pray and hope together that her release will be possible.

“That was when they (kidnappers) took her to the other side. We are working very hard, and the governor also gave us the funds that we need for her rescue.”

According to her, efforts to rescue her earlier failed after her family allegedly attempted to pay the ransom demanded without thThe unresolved abduction of Dr. Ekanem Philip-Ephraim stands as a somber testament to the challenges faced by both individuals and communities in the realm of security. As the medical community, concerned citizens, and law enforcement agencies continue to grapple with this mystery, the need for concerted efforts in addressing broader security issues becomes increasingly apparent. Dr. Philip-Ephraim’s disappearance is not just a personal tragedy but a call to action for a society that must prioritize the safety and well-being of its invaluable contributors to the field of healthcare.e involvement of the police.

“There was a time when ransom was asked; that was when we worked a little with the family members, but they did not give us the full details. They first of all took the police out of the show; maybe they thought they could do it on their own.

“Based on our information, the kidnappers found that the police were unto them, and that was when the issue became very difficult, but we are on it and we are not relenting.


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