Reactions as Francis Van-Lare release pictures of women he allegedly slept with

Francis Van-Lare's Bold Revelation Sparks Online Frenzy

Nigerian-American businessman Francis Van-Lare has made true his promise to release the photos of some of the women he claims to have slept with.

Francis Van-Lare has released some photos of ladies he claims to have slept with.
This comes after he promised to drop the names of the 219 women he has had sex with, and he did.
Amara Nwosu’s ex-husband did all of this to mark his 70th birthday.

Recall that some days ago, he started by revealing that he was compiling a list of the women he has had coitus with.

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Francis Van-Lare, who was married to relationship counselor Amara Nwosu, announced that, after compiling, he would publish the names of the girls he’s ever slept with since 1970 to commemorate his 70th birthday.

The saga began when Francis Van-Lare publicly announced his intention to reveal the identities of the women he has been romantically involved with throughout his life. The promise raised eyebrows and sparked speculation about the motivations behind such a candid disclosure. As the day of his 70th birthday arrived, Van-Lare fulfilled his promise, sharing a series of photos on various social media platforms, inviting the public to “come identify your girlfriend.”

To comprehend the motivations behind Francis Van-Lare’s bold move, it’s essential to explore the context of his life, particularly his relationships and experiences. Some may interpret this disclosure as an act of defiance, a celebration of personal freedom, or perhaps a desire to reclaim control over his narrative. Alternatively, it could be seen as a controversial bid for attention, sparking conversations about the intersection of privacy, relationships, and social media.

Francis Van-Lare’s choice to leverage social media as the platform for his revelation raises questions about the evolving nature of personal disclosure in the age of digital connectivity. The blurred lines between public and private life challenge traditional notions of discretion, inviting scrutiny and commentary from an online audience.

True to his words, he put down a comprehensive list featuring the names of girls from different ethnicities, released in three different batches.

Just hours ago, Francis went on to share photos of himself and some girls he has reportedly had coitus with, triggering varying reactions.

He added that more photos are underway. See photos and some reactions below:

@cuisinebyhg wrote: If they don’t all sue him for this rubbish. Then they have problems

@veejayraph wrote: Check if na your babe cloth o

@haleemahberrie wrote: I’m not sure this man is well upstairs

@i_am_nova_kae wrote: And you think maturity is measured by age? How does his family members feel now? God forbid

@lingeriebytemmy wrote: This man is too old for all all his doing abeg

@oluwakemmieee wrote: This man no well oo

@stylefield_ wrote: Senility na your mate? Una never see anything

@monsieur_yosouph wrote: I love this

@everything_by_limat wrote: SMH make he sha no scatter some of them home… Cus why this? Chai truly age doesn’t mean you’re matured.

@k.h.a.f.c.u.t.e wrote: Ehhh that I was even happy for those without surname, explaining go plenty for some people

@carcontinent wrote: The tattoo own nai strong pass cos once we see that tattoo now we know.

@ada_splendor wrote: I wonder why he is doing this

@real.greatness1 wrote: Baba even run 3sum join! Baba chop life oh!! Buh this ain’t good oh!

@golddesire_oma wrote: One of this ladies on her birthday post to him said it was a business lunch that the man speak how to invest and a serious minded man and he is not like what he put out there on the media but omo this one come shock me ooooo.

@princess_is_royalty1 wrote: Come Identify your girlfriend by her body and dress!

@ilamkayleen wrote: God Abeg o

@arinola_pearls wrote: This is disgusting

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