California National Guard to enhance collaboration against terrorism with NAF

The California National Guard (CNG) has promised to revitalize and enhance its existing partnership with the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Nigeria and across Africa.

The Adjutant General of the California National Guard (CNG), Major General Matthew Beevers, has reaffirmed his commitment to enhance the existing partnership between the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) and the California National Guard in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Nigeria and across Africa.

Major General Beevers made this known when he paid a courtesy visit to Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

He also emphasized the pivotal role of the Nigerian Air Force as an important and strategic ally in the global effort against terrorism.

The collaboration between the California National Guard and the Nigerian Air Force is not a new development. Over the years, both entities have engaged in joint training exercises, intelligence sharing, and capacity-building initiatives. This historical context provides a foundation for the strengthened commitment, allowing for a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to counter-terrorism efforts.

Terrorism poses a global threat that transcends borders and requires a unified response. Major General Beevers emphasized the shared challenges faced by nations affected by terrorism and the importance of sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources to develop effective solutions. The collaboration aims not only to address immediate security concerns but also to foster long-term stability and peace in the region.

The collaboration between the CNG and NAF holds strategic significance in the context of regional and global security. By pooling resources and expertise, both organizations can enhance their capabilities to respond swiftly and decisively to emerging threats. The exchange of best practices, technological advancements, and intelligence will contribute to a more robust and adaptive counter-terrorism strategy.

Effective collaboration in the fight against terrorism relies on trust and understanding between allied forces. Major General Beevers emphasized the importance of building trust through continued communication and joint initiatives. By solidifying partnerships, the CNG and NAF can create a framework for sustained collaboration that extends beyond immediate security concerns.

Speaking further, Major General Beevers expressed the readiness of the
California National Guard (CNG) to assist the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in equipment acquisition and training, which will go a long way in bolstering its effectiveness in the ongoing counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations.

Responding, the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, conveyed the NAF’s unwavering dedication to combating terrorists and criminal activities within Nigeria.
He also affirmed the NAF’s willingness to strengthen its collaboration with the CNG and other strategic partners to address the threats of terrorism and insurgency in the country.

Represented by the Chief of Policy and Plans, Air Vice Marshal Sayo Olatunde, the Chief of Air Staff also stated that the commitment to revitalized working relations by Major General Beevers represents a positive stride in strengthening international cooperation, aligning with a key aspect of his command philosophy that underscores the need for enhanced strategic partnerships.

In closing, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, extended gratitude to the California National Guard as well as the United States Government for their consistent support of the Nigerian Air Force.

Major General Beevers was accompanied by Mr. Joseph Kraus, who is the Political-Military Officer at the US Embassy Abuja; Lieutenant Colonel Megan Stromberg, the Women, Peace, and Security Representative at the CNG; Command Sergeant Major Kristin Caldwell of the 340th Brigade Support Battalion; as well as staff of the US Embassy Defense Section.

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