Buhari, Aides Move Out Of Aso Rock Villa

The outgoing President of Nigeria, His Excellency Mohammed Buhari has moved out of the Aso Rock Villa to the Glass House meant for outgoing presidents.

The glass house for outgoing president of nigeria
The Glass House

The Glass House is a house where all outgoing Presidents of Nigeria relocate to, to pave way for the renovation of the presidential Villa (Aso Rock) in preparation for the incoming President. The Glass House has served its purpose since 1991.

Reports has it that many of President Buhari’s aides have been seen relocating their personal belongings from the seat of power, apparently to make space for the personal aides and key officials of Mr. Tinubu, who is the President Elect.

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A senior State House official updated newsmen on the progress of the renovation going on in the Aso Rock Villa, according to him, the villa is being coated with white paints, while certain sections of the premises were undergoing cleaning and fumigation procedures.

“The upcoming renovation work mainly involves finishing and fittings, but it will not involve the procurement of new furniture, as the decision to replace existing ones will be left to the discretion of the incoming President. The renovation project includes repainting stained sections and replacing fittings that are damaged or worn out”, the source added.

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