BREAKING: Court confirms the authenticity of Gov. Mba’s NYSC certificate

The Federal High Court in Abuja’s Justice Nyang Ekwo has affirmed that Governor Peter Mba of Enugu State’s National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate is real and legitimately issued by the organization.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is an integral part of Nigeria’s educational and nation-building system. It provides young graduates with the opportunity to serve their country, gain valuable skills, and foster national unity. However, as with any large-scale initiative, issues can arise. Governor Mbah, who faced a unique challenge during his NYSC service and the subsequent legal battle that led to a groundbreaking court verdict,

Peter Mbah’s journey through the NYSC program took an unexpected turn when he sought permission to attend the Nigeria Law School midway through his service year in 2003. It was a decision driven by his ambition to further his education and professional development. His request for permission was granted by the NYSC authorities, and he embarked on his legal studies.

Upon his return from law school, Mr. Mbah sought reinstatement into the NYSC to complete his service year, in accordance with the permission he had obtained. This was where his ordeal began.

The NYSC authorities initially denied Mr. Mbah’s request for reinstatement, citing regulations that were seemingly at odds with the permission they had previously granted. Despite providing documentation to support his case, Mr. Mbah’s efforts to be reinstated into the NYSC were repeatedly met with resistance.

Frustrated and determined to resolve the matter, Mr. Mbah took legal action against the Director General of the NYSC and the NYSC itself. He alleged that the NYSC had misrepresented material facts and that the denial of his reinstatement was unjust and in violation of his rights.

Judge Ekwo rendered a decision on Monday, stating that the information presented to the court demonstrated that the governor had been called into duty in 2001 but had only finished it in 2003

The court stated that Mbah applied for and was reinstated for the NYSC in 2003 after requesting and obtaining permission from the organization midway through his service to attend the Nigeria Law School.

Justice Ekwo also pointed out that while the evidence that Mbah served in the law firm of one Udeh was not challenged by the NYSC, he berated the corps for not charging the governor for forgery if they actually believed that they didn’t issue the said NYSC certificate to him.

He concluded that the NYSC was mischievous and acted in bad faith by denying Mbah’s NYSC certificate.

The court, which found the Director General and the NYSC guilty of misrepresentation of material facts, subsequently awarded them the sum of N5 million in damages.

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