Benjamin Mendy is suing Man City has bed.

Benjamin Mendy's Legal Battle, Unraveling the Unpaid Wages Dispute with Manchester City

Following the filing of a “multi-million-pound” lawsuit alleging unpaid wages, Benjamin Mendy has declared war on Manchester City.

Mendy was charged with the October 2020 rape of a 24-year-old lady in his Cheshire home’s bedroom. He was also accused of trying to rape a 29-year-old lady at his house two years prior.

He has now reportedly lodged a claim against City with an Employment Tribunal
Mendy, who earned around £5 million a year, was found not guilty on the last of the charges in July

Benjamin Mendy’s decision to launch a “multi-million-pound” claim against Manchester City suggests a significant rift between the player and the club. While the specific details of the claim remain undisclosed, unpaid wage disputes in football often revolve around contractual disagreements, bonus payments, or other financial matters. Mendy, who joined Manchester City in 2017, has been a part of the squad during a period of both success and controversy, making this legal development all the more intriguing.

Mendy’s legal troubles extend beyond the realm of contractual disputes with Manchester City. In October 2020, the footballer faced serious criminal charges related to the alleged rape of a 24-year-old woman in the bedroom of his Cheshire home. Additionally, Mendy was accused of attempting to rape a 29-year-old woman at his residence two years prior. These criminal charges have cast a shadow over Mendy’s career and personal life, making his decision to pursue legal action against Manchester City even more noteworthy.

The convergence of legal issues with professional football brings to light the challenges faced by athletes in managing their careers amidst legal controversies. While football clubs have a responsibility to ensure the conduct of their players aligns with ethical and legal standards, players also have the right to assert their legal claims, as demonstrated by Mendy’s unpaid wages lawsuit. The intersection of the legal and sporting worlds raises questions about how clubs navigate contractual matters while balancing the need for accountability in cases of alleged misconduct.

Manchester City, one of the premier football clubs globally, now finds itself entangled in a legal battle with one of its players. The unpaid wages claim adds a layer of complexity to the club’s ongoing efforts to manage Mendy’s legal challenges. The potential financial implications of a “multi-million-pound” lawsuit, if successful, could impact the club’s resources and financial planning. Moreover, the public image of the club may be influenced by how they handle both the legal dispute and Mendy’s criminal charges.

Manchester City will cease paying Mendy’s £100,000-per-week salary in September 2021. Mendy has consistently denied both charges and was declared not guilty by the jury at Chester Crown Court earlier this year.

Now, according to Sky Sports, Mendy has opened a ‘multi-million pound claim’ against City for wages owed

The claim is reported to have been lodged with the Employment Tribunal in recent days, with Mendy claiming ‘unauthorised deductions from wages’ while his trial was ongoing


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