ASUU Threatens Strike Over Unmet Demands at Kano Varsity

The state government's persistent disregard for the union's demands has left the union appalled.

Because their demands have not been met, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) at Yusuf Maitama University Kano has threatened to go on strike. The branch chairman, Mansur Yusuf Said, and secretary, Yusuf Ahmed, issued a statement expressing the union’s dismay at the state government’s continued disregard for its demands in spite of earlier promises and agreements.

The statement highlighted several critical issues, including the immediate payment of N111,321,792.18 in outstanding Earned Academic Allowance (EAA) and Adjustment Arrears.

Additionally, the union called for implementing the newly approved Consolidated Universities Academic Salary Structure II (CONUASS II), effective January 1, 2023. Federal universities have already adopted this measure, but the state government has yet to implement it.

ASUU also raised concerns about the non-payment of a provisional wage award of N35,000 for six months, which the federal government approved.

The statement added, “While civil servants in the state received this allowance, university staff members are yet to receive any payment.”

Within Nigeria’s higher education sector, ASUU’s fight for improved working conditions and academic rights is a component of a bigger movement. University employees have had structural difficulties for many years, from poor facilities and financing to political meddling and bureaucratic red tape. Ignoring these problems feeds a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and frustration that eventually impedes the advancement and growth of the country’s educational institutions. The Kano State Government must act quickly and decisively to fulfill ASUU’s demands in a meaningful and long-lasting way in view of the imminent possibility of a strike. This calls for a sincere desire to engage in communication and compromise as well as a readiness to put the interests of students and faculty ahead of political concerns.

Mutual recognition of the value of higher education and the critical role that academic staff plays in influencing the future of the country is essential to resolving the current impasse between ASUU Yusuf Maitama University Kano and the Kano State Government. Government officials may contribute to creating a more promising future for all Nigerians by keeping their word and upholding the rights of university employees.

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