As his campaign came to an end, he made this appeal and emphasized his commitment to serving the state with integrity.

In the lead-up to the imminent elections in Imo State, a prominent voice has emerged, urging citizens to uphold the integrity of the democratic process. Tony Ejiogu, the gubernatorial candidate for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has passionately appealed to the people of Imo State, cautioning against the pernicious practice of vote-buying. In a bid to fortify the foundations of democracy, Ejiogu emphasizes the importance of preserving the sanctity of the electoral system and ensuring that the voice of the people remains unswayed by monetary influence.

Vote-buying, a prevalent issue in many democracies, poses a significant threat to the essence of fair and free elections. The practice involves political actors attempting to sway voters by offering financial incentives or other material rewards in exchange for their votes. Not only does this undermine the principles of democracy, but it also compromises the ability of citizens to make informed and unbiased decisions about their preferred candidates.

In a fervent plea to the residents of Imo State, Tony Ejiogu has underscored the gravity of the situation, urging voters to resist the temptation of selling their votes to the highest bidder. He emphasizes that the future of Imo State hinges on the collective will of its people and their ability to elect leaders based on merit, vision, and a genuine commitment to public service.

Ejiogu highlights that succumbing to the allure of short-term financial gains in exchange for votes could have far-reaching consequences for the state’s governance. He calls on the electorate to prioritize the long-term interests of Imo State over immediate material benefits, emphasizing that true progress comes from electing leaders who are dedicated to the welfare and development of the state.

Tony Ejiogu, the Imo State governorship candidate for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), urged the people of the state to refrain from selling their votes to the highest bidder.

He made this plea while concluding his campaign, emphasizing his dedication to serving the state with integrity.

Addressing a gathering of supporters in Owerri North, the APGA candidate promised a new era in Imo politics, vowing to initiate a resurgence.

He highlighted the need to rebuild Imo and restore its former glory, addressing issues such as insecurity, inadequate infrastructure, unemployment, a struggling healthcare system, and the welfare of workers and pensioners.

“I speak to your consciences. Let’s all come together and make this project a reality. Vote and protect your vote; stand there and make sure your vote is counted. There will be no voter intimidation.”

He added, “I have presented myself and taken the bold step, and we are well-positioned to move Imo to the promised land. Yes, there’s hunger in the land, but change your mindset and don’t accept money to vote for people who will still keep you in bondage. Let’s make things right.”

While urging his party supporters and Imolites to troop out en masse to vote for APGA come Saturday, November 11, Ejiogu urged them to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and ensure that their votes count.

Those present at the event included the state chairman of APGA, the deputy governorship candidate, the Director-General of the Tony Ejiogu Campaign, ward chairmen, women, youth leaders, elder statesmen, and a host of other stakeholders.

As Imo State gears up for the upcoming elections, Tony Ejiogu’s stance against vote-buying resonates as a clarion call for the preservation of democratic values. By urging citizens to resist the allure of immediate financial gains in exchange for their votes, Ejiogu underscores the importance of a principled and informed electorate in shaping the destiny of the state.

In the face of a challenging political landscape, Ejiogu’s commitment to educating voters and fostering collaboration for change reflects a dedication to the principles of democracy. As the people of Imo State prepare to exercise their democratic rights, the message is clear: safeguard the integrity of the electoral process, vote based on conviction, and collectively contribute to a future where leadership is determined by merit, not monetary influence.

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