Anambra Police Deny Reports of Gunmen Killing 21 Soldiers

Police and Nigeria military deny killing of 21 soldiers by POB/SN gunmen in Anambra.

In response to claims that gunmen in the state are suspected of killing twenty-one troops, the Anambra police command has taken action. Online rumors state that 21 troops were ambushed and killed by gunmen in Onitsha, Anambra, while they were traveling to Enugu.

The assertion was referred to as “fabrication” by Anambra police spokesperson Tochukwu Ikenga in a statement issued on Wednesday.

Ikenga said the report is “misleading, unfounded, and false”.

“The Command wishes to state that the report is untrue, a product of fiction, and the handiwork of mischief-makers,” the statement reads.

“Also, the Command, in dismay at the news, has observed that the said hospital mentioned in the report, where the corpses of the soldiers are allegedly kept, does not exist in Awka, the State Capital.

“Further inquiries were made by the Command, showing that there is no record of such an incident or otherwise, but deliberate acts by unscrupulous elements are to cause tension in the state.”

Ikenga said the command will “not hesitate to invoke relevant cyber laws on persons found wanting in this regard”.

The police command asked Nigerians to disregard the report.

It is essential that the public and media, in light of recent events, approach sensationalized reports with care and skepticism. Cross-referencing data and confirming sources can aid in halting the unintentional dissemination of misleading stories that could exacerbate conflicts and threaten social cohesiveness. In the end, the prompt response taken by the Anambra Police Command serves as a reminder of the significance of openness, responsibility, and responsible communication in maintaining social peace and security. We can fight disinformation together and build a more knowledgeable and resilient community by cooperating to respect these standards.

Even if the Anambra State tragedy has raised questions and concerns, it is crucial to rely on reputable sources and validated data in order to properly appraise the issue. The assurances from the Anambra Police Command and their dedication to resolving the matter highlight how crucial public-law enforcement trust and collaboration are to preserving peace and stability.


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