Ensuring Passenger Rights, A Call for Airlines to Compensate for Flight Disruptions

The minister revealed that a committee has been established with the responsibility of creating a code that impacted travelers must enter when buying their subsequent tickets.

The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, underscored that airlines failing to meet their operational commitments must compensate passengers for both flight cancellations and delays. Speaking at a meeting in Abuja with the heads of agencies under the ministry, Keyamo addressed the prevalent concerns of Nigerians regarding disrupted air travel.

Minister Festus Keyamo emphasizes airlines’ obligation to compensate passengers for cancellations and delays, proposing practical solutions for enforcement
Keyamo directs the creation of a committee for compensation codes and instructs timely reporting on flight cancellations and safety incidents

To ensure the effective implementation of compensation measures, Minister Keyamo has directed the creation of a committee tasked with developing compensation codes. These codes will serve as guidelines for airlines to follow when compensating passengers for flight cancellations and delays. The creation of such codes is a significant step toward establishing a clear and standardized process for compensation, promoting transparency and accountability within the aviation industry.

Enforcing compensation for flight disruptions requires a collaborative effort between the government, regulatory bodies, and the airlines themselves. Minister Keyamo’s proposals include the creation of a robust regulatory framework that ensures compliance with compensation codes. This framework should include clear consequences for non-compliance, encouraging airlines to prioritize punctuality and adhere to their operational commitments.

Moreover, the minister highlights the importance of educating passengers about their rights. Many travelers may not be aware of the compensation they are entitled to in the event of flight cancellations or delays. An informed passenger base creates accountability, as airlines are more likely to uphold their obligations when passengers are aware of their rights and expectations.

Keyamo stated, “We are not deaf to the cries of Nigerians about delays and canceled flights. The law is there, and we are looking at how to enforce those laws for the compensation of Nigerians who bear the brunt of flight cancellations, disrupting their activities.”

Acknowledging the potential challenges of legal actions against airlines, he emphasized the need for a practical approach to ensure compensation. Keyamo proposed a system where affected passengers receive compensation or rebates for future travel if cash reimbursement is not feasible.

To streamline the process, the minister disclosed the formation of a committee tasked with generating a code for affected passengers to use when purchasing their next ticket.


“We are concerned about passenger satisfaction and the safety of air travelers,” Keyamo added.

In a move to address the recurring issue of flight cancellations, the Minister directed the Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority to compile a weekly catalogue of canceled flights.

Furthermore, Keyamo instructed the Nigeria Safety Investigation Bureau to conclude investigations into recent air incidents and mishaps within the next 10 days. He emphasized the importance of a swift and comprehensive reporting process, even for incidents classified as minor, to enhance transparency and passenger confidence in air travel safety.

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