Amidst outcry on social media, Air Peace responds to claims of expensive holiday tickets.

Air Peace asserted that the accusations were misleading and deliberate falsehoods aimed at stirring ethnic sentiments

Air Peace has sought to clarify the surge in airfares amidst accusations of exploitation of South-Easterners during the yuletide season. Dismissing claims of extortion, the airline faced criticism on social media, prompting a detailed response on Monday.

Air Peace refutes allegations of unfair airfare practices, stating accusations of extortion targeting Southeast Asians during the holidays are baseless
The airline clarifies its fare system, attributing price fluctuations to market dynamics and increased demand and denying ethnic bias

Contrary to the allegations, Air Peace asserted that the accusations were misleading and deliberate falsehoods aimed at stirring ethnic sentiments. The airline, in a statement, acknowledged social media posts suggesting unfair pricing practices favoring northerners over easterners.

In a detailed response issued on Monday, Air Peace vehemently refuted the allegations of unfair airfare practices. The airline emphasized that the accusations of extortion targeting South-Easterners during the Yuletide season were baseless and lacked merit. The response sought to shed light on the factors influencing airfares, highlighting the complexities of market dynamics and increased demand during peak travel times.

Air Peace took the opportunity to clarify its fare system, aiming to demystify the perception of arbitrary pricing. The airline explained that airfares are subject to fluctuations based on various factors, including market demand, operational costs, and ticket availability. The statement emphasized that these fluctuations are inherent in the airline industry and are not indicative of any bias or discriminatory practices towards specific regions or ethnic groups.

To further contextualize the surge in airfares, Air Peace pointed to the inherent market dynamics that influence pricing. The holiday season, characterized by a significant uptick in travel demand, often results in increased competition for available seats. As a consequence, airlines adjust their pricing to reflect the heightened demand and operational costs associated with accommodating the surge in passengers.

Air Peace denied any form of ethnic bias in its pricing strategy. The airline asserted that it serves a diverse customer base, catering to travelers from various regions and backgrounds. The allegations of discriminatory pricing against South-Easterners were firmly rejected, with the airline emphasizing its commitment to fair and transparent business practices.

The statement highlighted the importance of educating the public on the airline’s fare system, emphasizing its non-discriminatory stance. The automated fare system, the airline explained, adjusts prices based on demand and market dynamics.

The airline refuted claims of profiteering and ethnic bias, stating, “Air Peace does not and will never discriminate against the South-East or any geo-political zone.” It was argued that the fare system responds to increased demand on specific routes, impacting ticket prices.

For clarity, Air Peace used the example of booking a Lagos-Owerri flight, illustrating that fares fluctuate as seats fill up. The airline contended that accusations of extorting Easterners were unfounded, pointing out that its ticket prices to the East remained competitive.

Despite efforts to accommodate increased passenger traffic to the Eastern region, Air Peace expressed dismay at being wrongly accused. It emphasized the airline’s commitment to fair and responsible business practices since its inception.

In conclusion, the statement condemned the orchestrated attempt to tarnish Air Peace’s reputation and urged the public to consider the facts. The airline maintained that it was not the most expensive carrier to the East during the festive season, calling the accusations a “shameful act.”

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