Activist Verydarkman Drops Bombshell Fraud Accusations Against Hilda Baci (Video)

Verydarkman presents damning evidence alleging that Baci has been accepting payments from individuals without delivering on promised services.

Vincent Martins Otse, the fiery Nigerian online activist who goes by the alias VeryDarkMan (VDM), has launched a scathing attack on celebrity chef and former Guinness World Record holder, Hilda Baci, slamming her with allegations of fraudulent conduct.

Hilda Baci, a renowned celebrity chef and former Guinness World Record holder, found herself at the center of a firestorm when VDM unleashed his accusations. According to VDM, Baci has been accepting payments from individuals for services that she has failed to deliver, effectively defrauding her customers and tarnishing her reputation in the process.

VDM accused her of pocketing a hefty N35k from eager participants in exchange for promised online culinary lessons.

The allegations leveled against Baci by VDM are nothing short of explosive. In his video, VDM presents compelling evidence, including screenshots of conversations, payment receipts, and testimonials from disgruntled customers, all of which paint a damning picture of Baci’s alleged fraudulent behavior. The evidence suggests a pattern of deceit and manipulation, with Baci allegedly taking advantage of her status and influence to exploit unsuspecting individuals for financial gain.

The online crusader contends that Hilda has blatantly reneged on her end of the bargain, despite pocketing payments from eager individuals hungry to learn from her culinary prowess.

Verydarkman didn’t hold back, laid bare a trove of damning evidence: screenshots of transactions, chats, and a flood of inquiries from disgruntled would-be students demanding answers.

He said:

“Hilda Bacci cannot collect money for cooking classes and ghost on them; it’s giving obtaining under false pretence which is a fraud”


In a surprising twist, amidst the accusations and fury, VDM declared his affection for Hilda, issuing a passionate plea for her to make amends. With a fervent heart, he implored the celebrity chef to take decisive action: either promptly refund the hard-earned cash of her disappointed disciples or honor her commitment by delivering the long-awaited cooking class.

In a caption of the video, VDM wrote:

“I love how you have worked to build your brand, I personally I am a fan however you can’t take money from that large number of people and not do what you are paid for and also not say anything about it,it’s giving fr^u.d…..if you ain’t doing the class return their money, read comment.”


The scandal surrounding Baci and VDM underscores the power of social media in shaping public opinion and holding individuals accountable for their actions. In an age where information travels at the speed of light, anyone, regardless of their status or influence, can find themselves at the mercy of online scrutiny and judgment.

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