An Abia man who lost a N2.5 million bet kills himself

Abia man kills himself after losing a N2.5 million gamble

One Onoh Chukwuka Richard has reportedly taken his own life in Abia State after he lost 2.5 million naira to gambling.

Richard, before his unfortunate death, was widely known in Abia State and beyond owing to his uplifting and cheerful social media posts.

The young man, who hailed from one of the clans of Arochukwu Local Government Area, was said to have staked and lost the bet which he played over the weekend.

Overwhelmed by the sheer severity and crushing effect of his action, the troubled man decided to end it all.

He reportedly took a sniper and was later rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

It is crucial to recognize that Richard’s decision to take his own life may have been influenced by a complex interplay of factors, with gambling losses possibly exacerbating underlying mental health issues. The stigma surrounding mental health concerns and the reluctance to seek help often prevent individuals from receiving the support they desperately need.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, it becomes imperative for both local and national authorities to address the issues surrounding gambling. Regulatory measures, public awareness campaigns, and support systems for individuals struggling with addiction must be strengthened to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Richard’s story underscores the importance of promoting mental health awareness and destigmatizing seeking help for psychological struggles. It is essential for communities to foster an environment where individuals feel comfortable discussing their mental health concerns and seeking professional assistance.

Richard, before his unfortunate death, was widely known in Abia State and beyond owing to his uplifting, engaging and cheerful social media posts.

Prior to killing himself, Richard made a post on his social media page, declaring that “Today is my last day on earth. Going to meet my maker”, while thanking some of his popular friends.

In another chat, Richard reportedly complained that he used 2.5 million naira to place a bet, he disclosed that he borrowed 1.2 million of the lost money from someone, lamenting that he would find it hard to repay the debt.

He said unemployment turned him into chronic gambler.

He informed a friend he was chatting up, that he (Richard) may be dead by the time the reader would be seeing the chat.

The suicide victim further said that taking his own life was the only way to escape the shame of facing his debtor.

As of the time of this report, it was not confirmed if the family has issued any official statement or reported the matter to the police for investigation.

The spokesman of Abia State Police Command, ASP Maureen Chinaka has not issued a statement on the matter.

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