Oyedepo’s son unveils ministry, receives blessings from father

Oyedepo's son announces his ministry and is blessed by his father

Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, the son of Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, has unveiled his own ministry, The Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries.

Isaac had in October clarified that there were no complications in his relationship with his family, particularly his father

Isaac Oyedepo shared a YouTube video titled “Unveiling of the Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries” on his X account on Tuesday.

The Oyedepo family has long been synonymous with spiritual leadership and a commitment to spreading the message of faith. Bishop David Oyedepo, a revered figure in the Christian community, founded the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel, which has grown to become one of the largest and most influential churches in the world. The unveiling of The Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries is not just a personal milestone for Pastor Isaac but an extension of a family’s dedication to serving and uplifting others through the teachings of Christianity.


It’s important to note that Pastor Isaac Oyedepo’s decision to establish his ministry comes with the backdrop of speculation and curiosity regarding the dynamics within the Oyedepo family. In October, Pastor Isaac clarified any misconceptions, particularly addressing the nature of his relationship with his father. He emphatically stated that there were no complications or strains, reaffirming the strength of the familial bond and mutual respect within the Oyedepo household.

The establishment of Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries represents a natural progression for Pastor Isaac, who has undoubtedly been shaped by the teachings and values instilled by his father. While the ministry is an independent venture, it carries the spiritual DNA of the Oyedepo legacy, emphasizing evangelism as a core mission. This new chapter signifies not only individual growth but also a commitment to continue the transformative work initiated by Bishop David Oyedepo.

The public unveiling of Pastor Isaac’s ministry was accompanied by the heartfelt blessings of Bishop David Oyedepo. This symbolic gesture holds deep significance in the context of spiritual mentorship and familial support. Bishop Oyedepo’s blessings serve as a recognition of Pastor Isaac’s calling and a reaffirmation of the shared values that have been integral to the Oyedepo family’s spiritual journey.

The significance of receiving blessings from a spiritual patriarch goes beyond mere formality. It speaks to the spiritual authority and acknowledgement of the divine calling upon Pastor Isaac’s life. In the Christian tradition, the laying on of hands and impartation of blessings symbolize a transfer of spiritual authority and a commissioning for the work of ministry.

In the YouTube video, Bishop David Oyedepo, his father, not only ministered but also prayed for Isaac and his wife, Ayomitide, as they both kneeled.

Bishop Oyedepo was heard saying, in part, “As hands are laid on you, I pray for unusual grace for sustainable connectivity that will keep you going without sweat.

“I pray that impact will be your goal not good preaching but great impact and I pray that your life will interpret your message in the name of Jesus.

“As you step into this new phase of your assignment, may you be clothed with humility, I have never begged, yet I have never lacked, I have never borrowed yet I have never lacked.”

The younger Oyedepo had in October clarified that there were no complications in his relationship with his family, particularly his father, and he remained a steadfast member of the Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel International.

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