The Controversial Birthday Revelation of 70-Year-Old Businessman, Francis Van-Lare

Francis Van-Lare posts a long list of the names of ladies he has slept with

70-year-old businessman Francis Van-Lare has become a subject of discussion online as he commemorates his birthday by publicly disclosing the names of all 200 women he claims to have slept with.

The ex-husband of relationship expert Amara Nwosu, Francis Van-Lare, shared a long list of the women he has slept with in celebration of his 70th birthday.
The businessman posted the names of the women surpassing 200 on his Facebook page, which stirred reactions online.

Social media platforms have been ablaze with varied reactions to Francis Van-Lare’s birthday revelation. Supporters argue for his right to share his personal experiences, emphasizing the importance of transparency. On the contrary, critics view the act as an invasion of privacy, questioning the appropriateness of disclosing intimate details, especially considering the nature of his past relationships.

The controversy surrounding Van-Lare’s revelation raises pertinent questions about the impact of such disclosures on personal relationships. In a society where privacy is highly valued, does the publicizing of one’s intimate history contribute to a healthier discourse on relationships, or does it further complicate the already intricate dynamics between individuals?

From a psychological standpoint, Van-Lare’s actions may be seen as a form of catharsis or an attempt to assert control over his narrative. Analyzing the decision to reveal such intimate details at the age of 70 could shed light on the complexities of human behavior and the need for self-expression, even at unconventional junctures in life.

Originally, Van-Lare noted that he intended to accompany the names with pictures, but Facebook limitations prevented him from doing so. Undeterred, he pledged to compile a book next year, featuring both names and photos arranged accordingly.

The list also includes specific details, highlighting women with the upper hand in bed.

Check out the list below:


Francis’ unconventional celebration has sparked considerable attention, with numerous netizens expressing their thoughts in the comments section.

@Recious space wrote: “Because he is a man, everyone is laughing and clapping for him😎 let the other gender try this and see.”

@Akintayo Akinwande Israel wrote: “You all keep guessing and looking for what’s not lost or who is there. They had sex and so what, it happened when it did and everyone has moved on. Moreover this list can’t convict anybody as the names can be anyone. Enjoy your cruise Sir.”

@Aremo Ogunjimi wrote: “Big bro, you failed the Federal Character test here and need to be summoned to Abuja for queries. The list is too sectional.”

@Ugonwa Onwuneme wrote: “This is quite crass and disrespectful. Not that I believe the names are real. But you would do yourself some good to take the list down. If a real person who is listed here decides to take legal action, this is evidence of injury to feelings at the very least.”

@Absolute_Stylez wrote: “No me my Akwa Ibom sisters you enlisted so…. Abi na Akwa Ibom babe de make you high? Imagine sleeping with the entire Udo’s children and decide to marry one…. Them go kpai you. I just hope this is mere fiction.”

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