Taliban Allegedly Flogged 19 Men And Women In Afghanistan’s Takhar For Adultery

In some viral videos trending all over the media space, the Taliban allegedly flogged about 19 Men and women in Afghanistan’s Takhar province for adultery related offences.

The Taliban have started rolling out a strict restrictions on all offences that are against the Islam, especially sexual immoralities since their return to power in Afghanistan. They have resulted to flogging, torturing and many other inhumane treatments to punish any offender of the law and Islam in general.

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The BBC recently reported that the Taliban has also conducted their first Public Execution since their return to power.

Because of their strict treatment to the women, many Human Rights activists have openly condemned their actions and also warned them about the consequences of treating women badly. But it seems the cry-outs of many Human Rights Organizations are still in vain, because they have continued their ill-treatment of women in Afghanistan. Many Afghans believe that they only condemn and punish only Afghanistan women while treating other women from parts of the world as Queens.

While some Organizations and Persons are condemning their actions, some strong believers of Islam are actually praising them for their value of the Islam and the Sharia Law in general.

To watch some of this disturbing Videos, click HERE.

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